What other at home businesses are there like Avon, Pampered Chef, Premiere Jewelry, etc?

Dawgsdkajfdskla Asked: What other at home businesses are there like Avon, Pampered Chef, Premiere Jewelry, etc?

I'm finishing up my senior year in high school and am about to be 18 looking for a way to make money at my own pace. My 18 year old stepsister recently began selling Vault Denim jeans and I was wondering what other businesses were out there to potentially sell for?


Stephen Answered:
There is this cool home business called Thirty-One.It is a brand of purses, totes, bags, etc.My mom does this and she makes a killing.She has Thirty-One parties where people come and buy stuff and if she sells enough things she gets free things.Thirty-One does monogramming stuff too and they are top of the line up there with Vera Bradly.And you do make a lot of money per sale too.

kemperk Answered:
NONE of those are businesses; except for themselves.They are either MLM or direct distributors.
They are NOT standard retail store product makers BECAUSE they could not survive being sold in a store.They are part of the world of party businesses.they require the naive to bring their
family members and best friends to parties and then –using guilt, force them to buy stuff.
Businesses for real…solve customer's problems………..the direst distributors create problems.

find your own passions.do research
write a biz plan
get back to me

Meena The amazing D Answered:
This is an extreme situation, so i'd say? Set down restrictions. Ask him to do something politely, then, if he doesn't do it, TELL him. Take things away, and limit what he does until his behavior gets better. Most importantly, try to talk to him. Ask his opinion on things, praise him for things he does well, and remember that unless something is important, don't make him feel bad about it. He most likely feels sad, and somewhat confused. It will be hard at first, he WILL resist, and fight, and yell. But stay strong. My brother was exactly like this, you could have been describing him. He made my mom do everything, he yelled at her, and made us all feel weaker than him. It really does work, I've seen it with my own eyes. My brother has cleaned up, got a job, and actually gets off his butt once and a while! (:

Daryn Answered:
He's eighteen, he can move out.

Betty Answered:
Based on experience with my stepchildren who are now in their 20s, it may not get better. Pot can cause or reflect apathy, so what you're seeing may be his attitude for a long time. Is there any chance at all that you could lay down the law and say "either we get family counseling and he gets weekly drug tests or I'm out of here"? Because I hate to be a doomsayer but if I had to predict, based on what you said, it sounds like you're living with a drug addiction, not a normal 18 year old kid, and the addiction is likely to win and get its way. On the outer hand, if you could shine a spotlight on your value in the relationship and maybe barter that into some big changes before it's too late, maybe it could be turned around. It seems to me that if his mother doesnt care enough to arrange help for him, you will probably never stop fighting this battle with her.And I'm not a prude or sheltered or anything; just been horrifically burned by stepchildren who have ruined our lives by acting like 8 year olds for years. By the way, I'm vey sorry about your double loss; the baby and the hopes you had for a happy family.

Aishik Answered:
your girlfriends son does not like you because you are gay and an ediot.

Pestagirl Answered:
Her son must have given in to peer pressure, and at this point, he needs to be left alone. No reason to support a son who wouldn't support you or his mum in return. Of course, abandoning him is a hard thing to do. But he is an adult now. If he thinks he is, let him be one. If he needs serious help, help him. But don't luxury him. As for your girlfriend, she shouldn't let him manipulate her like she is a slave. Mothers are there to teach and help, not to do their sons labor. In fact, the son should labor for her. This is a fragile situation, though, so don't say or do anything without thinking of every possible outcome. The lad may not know it, but even he isn't happy. Don't tell him that though, cause he would get defensive and violent. Just be nice. Maybe a few guilt tricks. But sometimes, waiting is the best option. Only sometimes though. You shouldn't lose the one you love. I can tell your girlfriend has a big heart. Don't let her son ruin your relationship.

Hayes Answered:
It seems to be a tricky situation because it it looks like because you're not the father you don't have say in what goes on with him. The truth in the fact is, you are apart of the family now and his step father, if this family is going to work you all need to figure it out. You need to talk to you're girlfriend and let her know how you feel. Because it's obvious how much you love her and it hurts you to see her taken advantage of so badly by her son. She is basically, parden my language, kissing his ***, because she would rather not start a fight. Is is extremely common in some parents. She's scared to stand up for herself and put down her foot. It's ridiculous, He is an adult now, he needs to clean up after himself, do his laundry, and act like the age he is. There has to be rules he needs to follow. Someone needs to put this boy in line. seeing the situation it would be best if you don't say anything to the boy because you don't want to risk your relationship with your girlfriend. If you want something to be done, you have to tell his mom. tell her what you told us. Tell her how you feel and that she cant let her 18 year old son walk all over everybody. it will be difficult because he's probably had it his way his whole life. But he isnt a kid anymore. He needs to be told to get his **** together or find somewhere else to live. that is THE only way this can be handled. Trust me. tough love. good luck, please take this advice. It isn't fair to you or your girlfriend, find a way to get it across to her in a nice calm matter, letting her know your only doing it to keep the family together

Coup doeil Answered:
Do not get in the middle of your girlfriend and her son's relationship.Whoever told you that it is not your business is right.Though you may have the best intentions, ultimately you will always be a stranger and an intruder and your interference is not wanted by either party.
If i was you, i would move out.Your girlfriend needs to choose which relationship is more important, her relationship with you or the one with her adult son.If you stay, the stress will tear you and her apart anyway.If you have a place of your own, at least you will have a safe haven for you and your girlfriend to share when you are together.
She is letting her son rule her life.She has to be the one to say, "Enough!"

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