What can you tell me about ensuring secure connections from home and mobile users?

Dude Asked: What can you tell me about ensuring secure connections from home and mobile users?

Here are two problems from my book, Network+guide to networks 5th edition.
Wilke Environmental Group, a large organization that provides environmental
services such as water quality monitoring and geological surveys to businesses
and government agencies across the nation, seeks your help in designing its
corporate WAN. (It plans to completely replace its legacy hodgepodge of con-
nections and services.) Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the firm
also has large, regional offices in Seattle, Phoenix, and Boston. These offices
need a way to exchange e-mail and large files. Most of the firms 500 engi-
neers and technical specialists spend at least half their time on the road and
while mobile, they need to upload data to their regional offices. At other
times, they work from home and need fast and reliable connections to their
regional offices. The IT manager makes it clear that the environmental services
business is booming and so you should not necessarily seek economical solu-
tions. Describe at least two suitable WAN technologies for each of Wilkes
three connectivity situations: office-to-office, mobile user-to-office, and home-
to-office. Which options do you recommend above all and why?

Wilkes IT manager appreciates how clearly you explained each WAN connec-
tivity option. Then she adds another requirement for the connections that link
employees who work from the road and at home: security. Because the firm
works on government contracts, it must follow strict privacy regulations to
protect the data it gathers and reports. The IT manager is concerned that
using a telephone line to dial into a remote access server, for example, leaves
the data vulnerable to snooping. She also wonders how secure home-based
broadband connections really are. What can you tell her about ensuring secure
connections from home and mobile users? For each situation, which protocols
are preferred over others?


Rawrer Answered:
Acer will die on you. Asus never worked with it. Toshiba Looks like your best bet for what you need this Toshiba will be fast and do exactly what you want.

Blake H Answered:
I suggest you buy a netbook + a desktop instead. This article explains it well.


Fordry Answered:
i'd go with the asus. Asus laptops are very high quality.

4WD Greg Answered:
Because the American retailers, who have sent all of the jobs to China, have decided to partner up with the Chinese dictators believing that the USA will dissolve leaving only China as a superpower.

Sleeping Bear Answered:
If you want to pay $100 a shirt and divert resource from competitive industries, put up protectionist policies and become a communist country, then good luck!

Peace through blinding force Answered:
How come you'd rather have the whole company shut-down instead of spinning-off PART of it to save the rest?
Wait, you ACTUALLY BELIEVE there are big profits in NOT PRODUCING, don't you?

Anna Answered:
Mr. Bopsicles is correct.

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