Disneygirlxx11 Asked: I NEED CUPCAKE SURVEY QUESTIONS? And design ideas?

I am starting a cupcake business and I am going to do a survey on possible customers it will be a home business so I will not own a shop

I need some help thinking of suitable questions for my survey

Here is some pictures of my cupcakes and mini cupcakes


I am thinking of doingmini cupcakes , big cupcakes , jam filled, chocolate, red velvet, and I decorate very well
If any one has any ideas for cupcakes that won't cost me so much

Or any business promoting ideas Or ideas for A business name

Is there anything that you would prefer me to bake cupcake wise ?


lovehearts Answered:
They're really good! And look tasty! :) To save money, you could just stick to one size cupcakes and buy things like cases and decorations in bulk from places like eBay. For the survey, you could collect data on the most favoured flavour and sizes. Hope I helped :)

Brianna Warren Answered:
Ive had homemade rasbarry cheesecake cupcakes. They were AMAZING! You should try some of them. Just get creative.!!!

Kelly Answered:
You need a permit to run something like that our of your home–first. inspections

Sell at stores or grocery stores or bake sales are the only way to do this with no law rules.

J W Answered:
Don't do it! You will be entangling yourself in a web of deceit and problems. I really wouldn't want to be involved in this if it backfires.Why can't he do it the legal right way?I really dislike people who try to screw the system.

Lewis Lewis Answered:
be honest. tell him you want to marry for love and not money.

Tiger by the Tail Answered:
Its illegal – have him marry his boyfriend.Legal in quite a few states now.

emtme911 Answered:
It was wrong for him to depend on you to provide him with an excuse to stay in this country. He needs to start the process to gain citizenship on his own.

Do NOT marry this guy. If he faces being deported, it's his own fault. He knew what the risks were. He needs to contact INS to find out what he needs to do. To marry at this point will raise some eyebrows and lead people to believe (correctly) that he only married to gain legal status to stay here.

You have no reason to feel guilty about your decision to not continue with this farce.


shelovesdablues Answered:
Why doesn't he marry his lover??Or do you live in one of those backward states that doesn't recognize gay marriage?

Simply tell him it's illegal and while you understand it, you can't participate.

Bodhi Answered:
Tell him that you care about him and his situation but it is just unacceptable to you.

Or perhaps you can pull in your parents or relatives as you're excuse? "I told my mom and she nearly had a heart attack."

Or, say OK and then move into a very expensive neighborhood. LOL.

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