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Starting a home business can be both exciting and overwhelming, but the primary idea you should keep in your mind about some home based business ideas is that you will be building a business that you enjoy and one that you can start some income coming in now instead of later. Let’s take a serious look at what you can do to start your own business, whether it’s online or offline, and what to expect when searching for free home based business ideas.

Expectations of Free Home Based Business Ideas

First, understand that there are no free rides. If you expect to get something for nothing, then you should expect to get nothing in return, or worse – get taken for more money than you bargained for.

Big changes happened and are continuing to happen in Google that are important for you to know — Over the past year 2011-2012, Google, Facebook, YouTube and other search engines have made it harder, more strict and implemented new rules that Internet Marketers must follow, so many of these marketers have lost up to 50% or more of their online business overnight.

Home Based Buisness Ideas Home Based Business IdeasThat has made the typical ‘guru’ do1 of 2 things – work harder to earn the money they are used to having to keep their current lifestyles, or to over-hype poorly made programs and/or supposed out-of-the-box home based businesses that will make you millions with no effort, or very little effort – like pushing a few buttons every few days… sound familiar?

Home based business ideas that are based on hype will get you nowhere.

To help you get started in your own business, no matter what home based business model you use, Free Home Businesses has put together some good stuff for you to start with.

arrow75 Home Based Business IdeasWe have some freebie’s around this site to help you succeed. So be on the lookout for free home business e-books, free advertising opportunities, and more…!

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~~~The TOP 10 HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEAS for 2012 ~~~

1. Sell a product of your own – this includes producing your own ebook, program, or widget

2. Blogging – writing about your own experiences on a specific topic

3. Ebay business – selling goods online through an Ebay storefront

4. Affiliate Marketing – marketing other people’s products online

5. Network Marketing – direct selling of a company’s product (Avon, Mary Kay, Shaklee, etc.)

6. Virtual Assistant – being someone’s secretary without having an office

7. Sell your services – setup websites for local companies, sell re-design services

8. Make videos on YouTube – many websites owners/companies need to outsource this service

9. Freelance Writing – Write articles or press releases for website owners

10. Be a Virtual Assistant – many companies don’t have time to keep up the posting on their blogs, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, etc. so you become the “voice” for the company

Believe it or not, all of these Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas can be created on a shoe-string budget and have the potential to replace you current job and even to surpass your wildest dreams about income… there are several millionaires online today that have been self-made just by doing on or two of these Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas!

Now, even though these ideas may seem simple, there are 3 things you absolutely must do in order to make money online doing them. Here they are:


1131445 red check sign in 3d 150x150 Home Based Business Ideas1. Find a subject that you are passionate about, or at least one topic that you know a lot about, and then choose from the Top 10 list above a way that you could deliver that information on the Internet. For instance, if you are passionate about cats and cat care, adoptions, and such, you could start your own website that you can write your own articles about cats, and the best ways to care for them, and even offer a way for people in your local area to adopt a pet (just take a look at PetFinder.com and you’ll see how one small idea can effect an entire nation of people and their pets!).

Or maybe you have an unusual job right now that you are an expert in and that information can be useful to others, then write about it and publish an ebook on Kindle. Or if you love researching online, then a Freelance Writing job may be just the ticket for you! 

1131445 red check sign in 3d 150x150 Home Based Business Ideas2. Success does not happen overnight, so you must be patient and you CANNOT give up after 2-3 months. Ask any business owner and they will tell you that it took hard work, getting back up after making a few mistakes, and 3-5 years to get going and make profits. But that is not true online, and so you can take advantage of that, instead of 3-5 years, it may only take you one year, or maybe 6 months. By using social media, and a few programs that will help your business grow faster, you may be surprised at just how fast you can grow! But you have to give your business some time to grow.

1131445 red check sign in 3d 150x150 Home Based Business Ideas3. You will have to TAKE ACTION and work at your business everyday – at least in the beginning. Any ‘guru’ online will tell you that they had to work their butts off for a year or more to get whee they are today.  There is just no way around it – there is work and YOU have to make it happen, whether you do it yourself or outsource it.

A small warning….. don’t be a victim to overload. There are lots of programs, information and seminars that you can go to about your home based business, but it is very easy to get overwhelmed by all of it and that leads to 1 of 2 things:

1356218 cross x 150x150 Home Based Business Ideas1) either you become trapped in sorting through emails for half the day (or for a few hours every night) with your head spinning and you don’t know what to do so you take no action to build your business or,

1356218 cross x 150x150 Home Based Business Ideas2) you jump from one shiny object to another; buying the newest, best program out there that will make all your dreams come true at the push of a button.

Do you remember how we started out at the top of this page?  A business built on hype will get you no where. You have to choose the best path for your business. Make a plan, set some daily goals for yourself, make an investment in learning what you can about a subject that you need for your business to grow. And most importantly, make the investment of time into your business, even if it is only one hour every night – make that one hour count and do at least one action that will take you to your goal of making money in your home based business idea!

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